Cleaning products

Lots of things happen behind the curtains of hotels.

Ecorooms constantly watches the development of the most advanced environmental technologies and products throughout the world.

Ecorooms works only with cleaning agents approved by the EU and environmental protection organisations and bearing an environmental label. These labels certify that the products satisfy the strict environmental and healthcare requirements.

Ecorooms also lays a great emphasis on supporting environment protection and voluntary activities.

The use of the continuously developing products with environmental labels creates long-term environmental consciousness and a commitment to the protection of the environment in our staff, i.e. to feel responsible to decrease the use of chemical agents in their work.

We provide regular training courses for our staff about the accurate and economical use of these products.

The use of products with environmental labels and the provision of services using them contribute to decreasing the damages caused by hotels to the environment.

There are locations in hotels where we do not use any chemical agents, i.e. clean without cleaning agents or water. In these areas, we use microfibre materials spun from extremely fine synthetic threads. Owing to their electric charge, micro fibres attract dust and dirt. By doing so, we protect our environment.

The use of labelled cleaning agents guarantees high quality for hotels and guests in the long term.